Gant de Massage Visage

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Biologique Recherche has designed Gant de Massage Visage to enhance and boost the efficiency of products and stimulate lymph drainage. Crafted from a malleable silicone, its double-sided design features soft spikes to allow for a gentle massage and hard spikes to provide deeper exfoliation. Can be used on both the face and scalp. 


1. After removing makeup, apply your chosen milk cleanser. 
2. Use the side with the rounded spikes working upwards and from the inside of the face to the outside.
3. Use the hard spikes to gently exfoliate areas of concern like the nose and t-zone. I even like to use this side around the lips for a stimulating and plumping effect.


Use the spiked side of the glove along with Lotion P50 Capillaire for extra exfoliation or with your chosen shampoo for a deeper cleanse.