Facial Cup

Cupping uses negative pressure to promote lymph drainage, decrease puffiness in the face, relieve muscle tension and increase blood flow to provide tissues with oxygen and nutrients. 

When preformed regularly, you'll see a brighter and plumper complexion.

Don't let the cup sit in one place for an extended amount of time to reduce the chance of red marks.


Cupping on both the face and body can lead to red marks and bruising left on the skin.  Use your facial cup once a week to begin with and gradually increase applications as tolerated. 

Do not use facial cupping if any of the following applies to you:

Sunburned skin
Pace Maker
Prone to bruising
Blood thinners
Prone to blood clots 
Hyper sensitive skin
Broken Capillaries 
Inflamed acne
Active herpes outbreak
Open sores or cuts on the skin
Eczema or Psoriasis - avoid affected areas 
Rosacea - avoid affected areas

Contact your doctor if you're unsure if this treatment is right for you or if it will have a negative effect with any medications.

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