Wave Gua Sha


Gua means `scrape` and Sha means `petechiae` (tiny, flat red, purple spots) in Chinese
Gua Sha is an ancient TCM healing technique where we bring about a fundamental change in the skin by clearing blockages, creating space and movement in the underlying structures so that the skin can function better.

By increasing movement through gua sha massage, the skin is able to naturally clear blockages that lead to acne, Rosacea, puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles and overall strengthening the immunity of the skin.

Comes with a black bag for safe storage and instructions on how to get started with your new Wave Gua Sha.


Heat under warm water for a soothing effect or put in the fridge 30 minutes before use for an invigorating and cooling facial massage. Use for at least 5 min / day for the face and at least 5 min / day per area on the body. Massage until you feel a warmth and can see a slight redness in the skin. On the face use a gentle, light to medium pressure. On the body you can be a little tougher. During body treatments, bruises or dots can occur in cases where you are very tense, work for a long time or use a heavier pressure; this is not dangerous but just proof of effect. If you want to reduce the chance of marking, you can use gentle pressure and also lubricate with arnica ointment, which speeds up healing and has a circulation-increasing effect.


Wash in water with mild soap after each use. Be careful with your Gua Sha as it may break if you drop it on the floor. Always dry your Gua Sha after use / washing and do not allow it to air dry. Avoid strong cleaning agents as this can dull the glossy surface over time.

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