Glow Acuroller

The Glow Acuroller helps stimulate acupressure points, improves circulation and massages the muscles. 

You can work on reflexology points and tense areas in the face with the pointed handle.

Whether you're looking for give your skin extra glow or wanting to relieve muscle tension, regular use is the key to desired results.


• Sensitive? Focus on the decolletage, neck and throat. Roll gently and slowly on the face (and over sensitive areas). You can also store your roller in the refrigerator or dip it in cold water before rolling.
• Swollen? Start with light strokes, pulling from the edge of the jaw line down the neck  towards the collarbones to activate the lymph system and thus be able to get rid of excess fluid better.
• Want increased circulation and glow? Soak the roller in warm water and work with a medium-depth pressure in shorter strokes according to the included instruction card.
Use the tip of the shaft in zigzag movements over lines and wrinkles and to work with specific points.


Wash in water with mild soap after each use. Be careful with your roller as it may break if you drop it on the floor. Always dry your roller after use / washing and do not allow to airdry. 

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