GINTO Face Sculpting Tool

GINTO means GOLD in Tagalog (Philippine language). We wanted to have a tool that fully represented what self care means to us which is an investment

GINTO Face Sculpting Tool is an ergonomically designed high-performance device plated in 24-karat gold.

  • With Gua sha and science combined, GINTO has 3 built-in Solar Panels that are found in the PVC area of the tool.

  • This allows for Ginto to absorb natural light and emit a gentle microcurrent that is meant to help tone and firm the skin.

  • The design of the tool is engineered to perfectly hug the contours of the face allowing for a seamless and efficient sculpting massage routine.

  • Easily fits in the palm of your hands.

  • Gentle enough to use for individuals with micro-current sensitivity and flexible to use with oils, serums, water or milky-based cleansers and balms.

    1. Use mild gentle soap and water when cleaning and always ensure that the tool is dry before storing.
    2. Do not submerge or soak the tool in water because this could break the solar panel which needs to be functional in order for the micro-current feature to work.
    3. Do not use strong alcohol or jewelry cleaning products on tool to protect the gold plating integrity overtime.
    4. Do not put inside the fridge as well to ensure gold plating longevity and solar panel function.
    1. Handle - Lead free Zinc alloy + Gold electroplating
    2. Roller Ball - ABS material + Gold Galvanic Plating.
    3. Light absorption Panel - Transparent PC Material, 3 built in mini solar panels
    1. Relieve muscle tension
    2. Decrease puffiness
    3. Promotes lymphatic drainage
    4. Boost Blood Circulation
    5. Helps tone and sculpt facial muscles
    6. Helps to maintain and firm the skin