Sculptural Lifting - Without Intraoral

This world-renowned technique promotes deep relaxation of the facial musculature, improves microcirculation, stimulates lymph and lifts and tones the appearance of the face. It also allows the recipient to release emotional blocks and improve overall wellbeing.

This deeply relaxing and rejuvenating technique is praised by a-list celebrities as well as thousands of women around the world who prefer a holistic alternative to invasive lifting procedures. 

As a result, muscle tone and elasticity are increased, Muscles tighten and skin becomes smooth, returning to a more youthful appearance. Additionally to tightening and strengthening of the face, the procedure normalises the client's psycho-emotional state. The inner blocks are relieved, stress and anxiety melt away. 

For best results 8-10 treatments once a week is recommended. Thereafter monthly treatments are performed as maintenance.



Treatment Time - 65 Minutes


995,00 KR / Treatment


4.675,00 KR / 5 Treatments * Spara 300 kr 
7.960,00 KR / 9 Treatments * Spara 995 kr