Mini Gua Sha

Gua means `scrape` and Sha means `petechiae` (tiny, flat red, purple spots) in Chinese

This multi-functional tool is sure to become a favorite due to its convenient size. With both an acupressure head and mini gua sha spoon you can relieve tension, calm the nervous system, promote lymph drainage as well as work on fine lines anywhere at anytime. 

You can even use the spoon end to scoop out your moisturizer and the round tip to apply eye cream. Don't forget to wash after each use.


Gua Sha techniques promote ´sha´ which shows up as small red spots on the treated area. This is not something to worry about but rather a desired effect for most gua sha treatments. These spots will disappear within a few days.

Due to these marks being undesirable on the face, it's important to not over treat an area. As soon as you see the skin becoming pink, stop and move on to another area. 

With time and consistent use, this effect will improve and you will see less and less `sha`.